Inclusive Filipinnovation and Entrepreneurship Roadmap

In line with i3s, the DTI, in cooperation with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) formulated the Draft Inclusive Filipinnovation and Entrepreneurship Roadmap (IFER). The draft roadmap has the following elements: (1) Innovation Policy and Commercialization; (2) Entrepreneurship Program and Making MSMEs Competitive; (3) Government-Academe-Industry; (4) Industry Clusters for Growth; (5) Skilled Workforce and; (6) Funding and Finance. 

  • Below are the major recommendations gathered during the workshops on strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship in the country:

  • Establishment of Regional Inclusive Innovation Hubs Through the establishment of Regional Inclusive Innovation Hubs will support and fill-up the local industry needs be established across the Philippines, as these will connect the players, networks, and stakeholders within the Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

    The hubs will also function as organic platforms for the emergence of local champions and leaders and will be the medium in organizing, expanding, and mobilizing local communities of innovators and entrepreneurs. More importantly, hubs shall collectively serve as the corner stone of i3S and will play a vital role in economic transformation.

  • Development of Human Capital towards Innovation and Entrepreneurship– To reach this state of culture, programs to improve MSME competitiveness and innovation upscale their performance, and provide technology adoption skills shall be undertaken. Likewise, support programs for start-ups that would encourage the growth of mentors, advisors, incubators, accelerators, and professional services shall be pushed.

    Moreover, HRD shall be more focused on innovation, with experts and researchers in government, education and industry sectors working closely together on research and development collaborations and technology transfer training programs for our current workforce to further boost our creative talent pool.

  • Government – Academe – Industry Convergence – Above all, and to sustain innovation and entrepreneurship efforts, the strong convergence and coordination between and among the government, academe and industry stakeholders should be strengthened. This shall be done through the revival of the Filipinnovation council composed of the different stakeholders from the three sectors. From there, more technical collaborations may be established that would pave the way for shared facilities, relevant market-oriented research, more job-ready graduates, and entrepreneur-specific training programs. The linkage would also lead to more responsive curricula by our education sector to align with the needs of the industry.