Integrated Industry Development for Creative Industries

This program is prepared and crafted to provide a strategic direction for the development of the Philippine Creative Industries, which will lead to improved competitiveness, enhanced capability,  increased productivity, export promotion and development,  and compliance to global standards for greater market access. Components of creative Industries covered in this project include live entertainment and performing arts; audio visual sector specifically film; animation; game development; marketing services; creative process outsourcing; and creative freelancers.

It is aligned with the Philippines’ New Industrial Strategy – i3s: Inclusive Innovation Industrial Strategy aimed to (1) build innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem – upgrade and develop new industries; (2) remove obstacles to growth; and (3) strengthen domestic supply chains & deepen participation in global/regional value chains.

The scope of the Development of the Philippine Creative Industries Project is composed of five (5) sub-projects aimed to develop various creative sectors:

  1. Development of Creative Industry Roadmap
  2. Filipino Performers and Entertainers Accelerator – Capacity Building Program for the Workers in Film, Live Events and Performing Arts
  3. Development of Shared Digital Services Facility
  4. Development of Creative Services Special Zone
  5. Professionalize Filipino Online Creative Freelancers