Digital Transformation and Strategic Repositioning for Globally Competitive and Innovative Industries

With the advent of a new administration, the need to gather key stakeholders is primordial in order to apprise them of the DTI’s strategic priorities for industry development for the short and medium term. The Industrial Digital Transformation Congress will lay down and underscore our industrialization journey in the next six years, building on the initiatives and achievements in the last six years. It will highlight DTI’s priority clusters, namely: Industrial, Manufacturing, and Transport (IMT)Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT)Health and Life Sciences (HLS), and Modern Basic Needs and Resilient Economy (MBNRE).

Particularly, the one-day event will: (1) present the industrialization direction of DTI Secretary Alfredo E. Pascual for the next six (6) years; (2) identify ways on how to maximize the opportunities for the industry clusters; and (3) provide a venue for dialogue with industries/stakeholders on the mainstreaming of digital transformation in our industrial policy and discuss collaboration efforts to intensify our adoption of new technologies to promote innovative and resilient industries