The Path to Global Leadership

The Inclusive Innovation Conference (IIC) is DTI’s platform to discuss and track changes and progress in the country’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and seek to harmonize strategies towards new goalposts that can further elevate the country’s innovation and competitiveness. The holding of the IIC resonates with the implementation of DTI’s Inclusive Innovation Industrial Strategy (i3S), which focuses on building competitive and innovative industries in the country and on strengthening their linkages in regional production networks and global value chains. 


On 15 December 2021, the IIC will focus on the nexus of “Innovation” and “Culture.” The DTI will highlight ways of engendering an “Innovation Culture” as a means to solidify innovation and entrepreneurial mindset and to look at the social and cultural dimensions as building blocks to customer-centric or user-centric innovation. The one-day event will feature an array of thought leaders who will discuss ways of strengthening the country’s foundations and building the scaffoldings of a robust innovation culture that can further highlight the country’s competitive edge and enormous human resource.