Philippine New Industrial Policy: Embracing Industry 4.0 and Building Regional Inclusive Innovation Centers

Amidst new technologies and other global and domestic development challenges, the Philippines is implementing a new industrial policy called Inclusive Innovation Industrial Strategy or i3S.

Innovation is at the front and center of this industrial policy being pursued through strong government-academe-industry collaboration. The new industrial strategy integrates an Industry 4.0 policy that embraces new and emerging technologies, thus enabling the country to leapfrog towards inclusive and sustainable industrial development and ensures that nobody is left behind.

Regional Inclusive Innovation Centers or RIICs will serve as platforms to link stakeholders from government, academe and industry to address gaps in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

RIICs would promote the building of startup accelerators that would address local industry and societal issues. Through the RIICs, the country’s industrialization would be driven more by science, technology, and innovation, with focus on human resource development and more market-oriented research leading to the creation of new products, new processes, and new business models.